The One With The Broken Wrist

My 2020 started off with a bang…literally.

On January 11, I slipped and fell on black ice, broke my wrist and managed a minor fracture and sprain of my elbow as well.  I wish the story were more glamourous than that, but sadly it’s not.

So, I’ve had to take a minor hiatus from the blog (amongst many other things) because when you break your dominant wrist, it becomes a bit challenging to type or do pretty much anything.  So this explains my silence.  While I had hoped to get caught up on some postings over the holidays, those seemed to be as insane as can be while I was working multiple jobs, and tried to rest, recharge, and enjoy time spent with family.

Fast forward to January where God had a funny way of telling me to SLOW DOWN.  So while I was already behind on pretty much everything, I did wise up and say “oh well” while choosing to take a break from the many to-do’s of life, something I had really been needing to do for a long, long time.

After surgery, many doctor’s appointments, and physical therapy appointments, I’m finally feeling like I’m on the mend.  I regained my texting and typing skills and am now able to function more normally again.

Like a good Friends episode, my 2020 so far is what I’m calling “The One With The Broken Wrist”.  Trust me friends, don’t try this at home.  Because no matter how fun you may think it would be to have a personal driver (thanks Tyler), chef (thanks Tyler and other friends who have brought us meals and countless nights of take-out), maid (again, thanks Tyler – the roles are now reversed on who does the cleaning and laundry here), and personal assistant (again, Tyler rocks) – it’s really not more fun than having 2 functioning arms, hands, and fingers.

Stay tuned in the coming days as I catch up on life, the blog, and all things Milwaukee Rep.

Stay safe and stay warm.  But most importantly, be careful on the ice and whatever you do, do not put your hand down to break your fall.  It may break you, and it is NOT fun.

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