The Times They Are a-Changin’

It's been over a year since I last posted. Since February of 2020, so many things have changed so I figured there is no time like the present to pop on here and post a little update for you all! In my last post (dated February 21, 2020), I promised to catch up on all... Continue Reading →

The One With The Broken Wrist

My 2020 started off with a bang...literally. On January 11, I slipped and fell on black ice, broke my wrist and managed a minor fracture and sprain of my elbow as well.  I wish the story were more glamourous than that, but sadly it's not. So, I've had to take a minor hiatus from the... Continue Reading →

The Adventure Begins

Good morning family, friends, and people of the internet and welcome to my blog.  You've either been directed here by some social media posting of mine or some direct contact from me asking you to come check out my new blog, read it, and subscribe to it.  OR in some random string of Google searching... Continue Reading →

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