Announcement: I’ve got a new job and it’s the best one I’ve ever had!

In my last blog post a year ago (and the one before that which was published a year before my last one) I promised more updates on all of the happenings of Tyler and I. First off, I apologize for lying to you all. Secondly, things have changed in my life once more and I’m excited to share the news!

I’m coming to you with a new job and a new title and let me tell you, it’s the best job and the most prestigious title I’ve ever had… I’m a mama!

On November 26, 2021 my life changed for the best and like the Grinch when he realized the joy of Christmas for the first time my heart grew about 10 sizes larger. Porter Michael Mrowiec made his debut to the world at 6:55 PM and became the center of mine and Tyler’s universe from that moment on. We may be biased but he is the cutest and absolutely most perfect baby ever. I know this is at least slightly true as my dear friend Ally has dubbed Porter the “bait baby” due to his amazing demeanor and love for life thus far and he has made me already want another baby who is unlikely to be as perfect as he is. I feel bad for future Audrey and Baby M 2.0 when that time comes unless Tyler and I are truly that lucky to be blessed with another perfect little angel. Stay tuned and we’ll see…

Anyhow…I knew since I was young that I wanted to be a mama someday because of how much I have always loved my mama (and my dad too!). I knew it would be fun having a baby around and watching this kiddo grow but I had no idea the sheer magnitude of love I’d feel for this little human from the moment I met him.

Since I neglected to post beyond my one update at the beginning of 2021 here’s a little reflection on my preggo year.

Tyler and I found out we were expecting “Baby M” in March 2021. I was doing some freelance work but the pace was much slower than it had been in the past. So I embraced being pregnant and tried to get as much sleep as humanly possible (mostly during the day like a vampire since I had insomnia most of my pregnancy) and I nested in every nook and cranny of our home. My mother-in-law stated that I had everything prepared and organized for the entire youth of this child. I wasn’t sure what I would think about being pregnant and looking back and reflecting on the 9 months I actually loved every minute. Overall I had a very easy pregnancy. The worst part? My feet got so swollen that I looked like Bilbo Baggins and by the ninth month I could no longer fit into my shoes and had to go barefoot, in only socks, or wear Tyler’s shoes out which was slightly dangerous seeing as he wears size 13 mens and I am a size 7 in woman’s which equals like size 5 mens.

Giving birth was the most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced even though I was terrified as we went to the hospital on Thanksgiving evening for my scheduled induction I was pleasantly surprised with my courage, my strength, and the beauty of birth once Porter arrived. If any of you reading this want to hear the detail of Porter’s birth, I love sharing about my experience so please reach out!

All of this to say, I’m once more trying to recommit to the blog. When I started this back in 2018 the content was all surrounding the Milwaukee Repertory Theater. Of course in 2020 the blog went off the rails when I broke my wrist and couldn’t type, then the world shut down and so did the theater, and we concluded the year by leaving Wisconsin. Last year as I mentioned was a massive transition year as we settled in Florida and I spent 9 months growing a tiny human. Now, we’re very well settled into our home and community here in Florida and next week we’ll be celebrating 3 months of Porter!

So, let’s hope I’m not lying when I say “stay tuned”. I’m excited to get back on track and share the happenings from life in Florida and my journey as a first time mom. If you’re disappointed by the bait and switch from this being an arts and travel focused publication to another one of those mom blogs so to speak, I apologize and I give you full permission to quit following along. I hope you’ll enjoy what is to come because I’m super excited to share my perspective and my adventures with the greatest gift that God has blessed Tyler and I with.

Thanks for tuning in and I hope to see more of y’all soon!

Love, Audrey

Mama of Porter and Author of Running Around With Auds

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